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The simple telling of a human story is any thing but simple. I thrive on the complex set of challenges to set the environment and showcase the uniqueness of every human face. Time constraints and budget are always what we have whipping us along but I like to frame that as incentive to dig deep and mine a scene with speed, and no wasted efforts. 


Perhaps what I love most is working with people and getting the b-roll that will add insight and complex dimensions to the interview. I enjoy finding not only the bread and butter shots of describing content but also the creative allegories, visual metaphors portrayed through shallow depth of field, foreground blurs, color splashes and motivated movement.


In addition to exterior shooting I've worked in studios for over 20 years as a Director of Photography or Lighting Director. From showing the entire product line of RCA Thompson in a single shot, Hill Rom Hospital bed demos, living room and bedroom scenes for features, futuristic green screen offices, penthouse verandas to lighting a single silver dollar on a turn table, I can bring aesthetics and naturalness to your studio project.









Incorporating my decades of graphic design experience, I have worked as a Production Designer for the feature films “The Tribunal” and "Promises to Keep” as the Head of the Art Department, supervising set design, wardrobe and props. I've also directed & produced music videos and a variety of video productions.


My love for lighting has led me to tackle projects such as Lighting Design for the art performance pieces "Sharing Waters" at the Museum Center; "Alone in the Garden" at the Aronoff black box; "Down from the Mountain" a giant puppet play performed in the Aronoff's 2700 seat Proctor & Gamble Hall; Baba Olantanji at The Dance Hall and "Songs of Celebration" for Drums for Peace at the 3500 seat Music Hall.

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