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  • 4K 60P Video files

  • 8K hyperlapse

  • 360 spherical images

  • 48 megapixel photography

  • Bare Bones sessions

  • Half Day sessions

  • Full Day session

  • add-on sessions

2021 Drone Reel
(unmute speaker for audio)

USS Sachem Ruins drone essay
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USS Sachem Shipwreck

360 spherical photography
-click on square grid for more photos

Museum Center

Dynamic motion shots of the Art Deco Union Terminal building that now houses the Museum Center in Cincinnati OH

Lake Mendota

Cold weather flying capturing the beauty of Lake Mendota where the capitol of Wisconsin sits in Madison.

Lick Run Greenway

Recently completed canal project along Queen City Ave. in Cincinnati shot during golden hour.

Devu Park

Video highlighting Devu Park revealing the Ohio River and downtown Cincinnati in the background

California Desert

Showcasing the varying terrains and rock out cropping of the western Californian desert

TQL Stadium

Cincinnati's new soccer stadium under construction on the west side

Red River Gorge

Back country video of the Gorge's prominent landmarks for client with a near by cabin.

Red River Gorge Cabin

Exterior and interior video of cabin and its amenities

Spring Grove Cemetary and Arboretum

Beauty shots of this nationally unique 175 year old cemetery and arboretum

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